Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Made In Chelsea's Mark got a makeover!

Ermmm.... What has happened to Mark Francis?

Made In Chelsea (MIC) star Mark Francis Vandelli is known for his lavish and luxurious ways, and never seen without a chic designer suit. 

For me, he is a personal favourite from the show as this quotes are unforgettable! His most memorable quotes include: 

1. Darling, you just cannot give pashminas for Christmas. It's just a no..not happening!

2. I once knew someone who had a sleeping bag and the moment I found out, that friendship was over.

3. Do you know what I find truly ghastly? People who jog in public.

4. When speaking of ice-skating: 'I'm really only ever into ice when it's in a tumbler full of vodka.'

Recently the cast of MIC went to New York to film. The advert for the new series shows Mark Francis in a new light....wearing leather trousers, high tops and a t-shirt! 

What did New York do to him? 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Get that Illuminating Glow!!

I love the illuminating glow seen when make up artists do different looks! 

There are two products I always rely on to give me that glow!

1. Benefit High Beam
I love love LOVE this product! I usually put a small amount on my hand, dab it on and blend it in, over foundation on my cheek bones, under brows and Cupid's bow. For a more illuminating finish all over the face, mix in a small amount of high beam with your foundation and apply to the face using a brush.


2. Loreal Triple Active Glow
This is a must have daily product for me. It is a 'complexion enhancing moisturiser' with SPF 15. It gives a subtle highlight to face, when used under foundation. 

A small amount of both is the combination I use daily in my skin.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Gel Nails at home!

Getting your nails done can be an expensive and timely treatment, so I have gotten a UV lamp from www.firstclick.ie and started practicing gel nails at home!

FirstClick.ie have lots of the equipment and supplies you will need. From the gels, to multicoloured rhinestones and brushes to uv lamps and trolleys! From experience, they are very reliable, fast and trustworthy so check them out when shopping!! Having looked around for ages, they had both the best price and quality! 

I've been watching tutorials on YouTube endlessly, trying to get better! I will post the best tutorials in a later post! 

Buy at: www.firstclick.ie

My favourite summer trend - White Lace

Friday, 25 July 2014

Get your sunglasses on, its 26 degrees!

Sunglasses are a key summer accessory! There are many shapes, sizes, colours and price variations around, so it can be difficult to find a pair that's right for you!

The first step in finding the perfect pair, is to find the shape that suits your face shape. Take a look at the chart below, pick your face shape and see the styles that suit you.


I have found six different styles on ASOS.com, that I love and hope you do too! The best thing is, they are super fashionable and all below €17! :)

Buy them on ASOS here: 

Small Round Sunglasses €14.08 BUY!!

Round Sunglasses €14.08  BUY!!

Oversized 70's Sunglasses €14.08 BUY!!

Aviator Sunglasses €16.90 BUY!!

Oval Classic Retro Sunglasses €16.90 BUY!!

Cat Eye Sunglasses €14.08 BUY!!

The Intimate Britney Spears Collection

Personally, I have never thought of Britney Spears as a fashion icon nor have taken her style as inspiration, so I was surprised when I heard Britney was launching her own fashion collection.

The collection, 'The Intimate Britney Spears Collection' is a collaboration with 'Change' Lingerie and   comprises of lingerie and sleepwear pieces. When speaking of the collection, Britney said: 'Every woman should feel confident and beautiful in everything she puts on.' She went on to say: 'My vision for The Intimate Britney Spears is to create pieces that are sexy, luxurious and comfortable at the same time. I am excited to introduce this collection because I feel we accomplished exactly that.'
Britney released one picture to her Twitter followers! 

It will hit stores on September 9th in the US coinciding with New York Fashion Week, and later on September 26 in Ireland.


Will you be wearing a piece from the collection?

Tips for the sun!

Summer is finally here, and Ireland is having some amazing weather at the moment! :) It's currently 26 degrees and hot, hot, hot!!!

When the sun comes out there are many things on our to do list. Important things to remember include, keeping well hydrated in the sun. It is recommended that we drink at least 2 litres of water each day usually, and therefore our bodies require more when the temperature increases.

Another important thing to remember is to keep our skin protected with SPF.  Depending on how fair our skin is, will depend on the higher the SPF you will need. Most face moisturisers have SPF in them, but ensure to check yours before going out in the sun!




Enjoy the sun ladies! x x