Sunday, 25 May 2014

How to create the celebrity favourite 'slicked back' look!

Slicked back hair styles are showing up at every occasion on the red carpet!!

From Kim Kardashian, to Eva Longoria to Jourdan Dunn, they're all pulling off the look. My favourite is definitely Rosie Huntington Whitely!



So how an we achieve this look? Hair genius Charles Worthington shared his advice on how to achieve it!

"It's a clean, fresh and very simple look, but yes, you need to be careful of it looking greased back, rather than slick.

"It's best to start by combing your hair back while it's still damp, then spray lots of hairspray over it, until it's almost wet with hairspray. 

"Then when it's dry, you'll be left with that slicked back look plus a little volume thanks to the spray, rather than a waxy greased effect."

"I tend to put a few clips behind the ears too to help hold it back''. 

Will you be creating this look? Do it!!







Who wore it best?

Who wore this Mink Pink 'Fade into Daisies' two piece best?

Jamie Chung (left) or Olivia Munn (right)?

I love it!! I prefer Jamie's bag with it, and Olivia's shoes! <3