Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Chloe 'Susanna' Boots are a Hit!

These bling boots are one of the most popular pair I have ever seen sweeping the celebrity trend list.

The Chloe 'Susanna' studded ankle boots have been around for years but relaunched again last year and have been on seen on a variety of celebrities ever since.

They come in variety of colours including green, night (black), taupe, beige and red.

I love them! They add a touch of rocker/ festival to any outfit!

These boots retail from €979 - €995.

Would you buy a pair? See below to see what celebrities have been sporting this trend.

L-R Kourtney Kardashian & Miranda Kerr

L-R Ashley Tinsdale and Willow Smith

L-R Halle Berry and Nicole Richie

L-R Heidi Klum and Kate Bosworth

L-R Sienna Miller and Lindsay Lohan